MENTORING AT Business CHannel


Mentors dedicate their time and expertise to support the founders in their business model, monetization, growth and customer reach.

Why founders call us

  • Lack of experience and expertise in business development
  • Industry niche knowledge
  • Self-improvement to manage team
  • Pitch to sell their company and their credibility
  • Meet investors and sell successfully their project
  • Crisis situation to resolve as soon as possible
  • Looking for efficient and trustful operation partners

Hugo Jacques

Mentor, board advisor, INVESTOR

20+ years of experience in strategic consulting, crisis management, executive interim mission, business operation excellence, and monetization.

International professional connector: Europe, USA, Canada, South East Asia.

Investor, writer and speaker.

Considered as expert in problem solving, business model improvement, covering all the operational business aspects to reach the profitability expected by investors.

Mentoring for progress and self-development: Creating respectful and fair business velocity culture.

Industries covered: Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Media & Advertisement, Logistic, Retail, finance, trading, healthcare.

Passion for: People, Creativity, Turning idea in utility business, Common Sense, Technology and environment.

Credo: Be guided by passion, faith to progress and go beyond your limits.

What we guarantee

  • Free evaluation
  • Fill the gap of your business organization and develoopment
  • Give you a better insight on your business strategy
  • Develop the confidence you need to face challenges
  • Help you to become a respectful leader
  • Optimize your operation and performance
  • Develop a strategy to get more customers
  • Develop and execute a plan to reduce your cost operation
  • Develop or improve your web marketing strategy to increase your sell

To Thrive and Progress

Operation Excellence

Communication, tools, leadership

Product creation

Product Market/fit, monetization

Go 2 Market

Marketing plan, customer analysis

Business Strategy

Business model, differentiation, features.

Business Intelligence

Major issues and decision making

Emotion Control

Talent management, culture implementation

The smarter entrepreneurs are those who are supported by intelligent people. What about you?

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