Investor outreach: The best way to optimize your fundraising in a recession!

Startup founders have to admit, to get a “yes” from an investor is one of the hardest obstacles to get through and that is why it should be taken seriously, with more humility, and empathy thus it’s time to re-examine your presentation and approach. Businesses face different challenges and problems during this process, and most […]

How Stablecoins Address Volatility?

Crypto ecosystem is well known for hacking, bump and dumps, market manipulations and regulation troubles. Adding to this, bad projects or lack of delivery technology on time or as promised, this is kind of “too much” for newcomers. This volatility is the biggest barrier to an investor’s adoption. How could you possibly use an unstable […]

Bank Transformation: Crypto Revolution Already Has Begun

JP Morgan’s CEO, Jamie Dimon, doing an about-face on cryptocurrency turned out to be a prelude to the launch of JPM coin, the bank’s attempt at throwing their hat into the crypto ring and dubbing the endeavor as the first cryptocurrency ever launched by a major US-based bank. It almost coincided with Japan’s very own […]

BAT: Not Batman but Something Even Batter

Brave offers its users a much improved and optimised approach toward online advertisement. It consists in excluding the middleman and ad trackers and reintroducing a straight channel between the advertiser and the publisher. Also, Brave gives more value to the user attention rewarding the users for perceiving the advertisements they are shown. Brave may start […]

Major Technical Challenges Hindering Global Blockchain Adoption

Having certain benefits, which have already been thoroughly discussed since its emergence, the blockchain technology has particular limitations. Some of them are cultural, some are political, and some are technical. In this article, we are going to focus on the technical challenges that blockchain is faced with on its way to global adoption by small […]

“Off The Record” Reasons and Tips to invest in cryptocurrency

The first part of this article will cover the fear you have to deal with the so-called dirty crypto world, the second part will focus on tactics and strategy to use to begin step by step in crypto trading. Before any development, let’s summarize the true situation of the market. A Halloween crypto landscape Market […]

ICO Marketing Advisor: Expectations vs Reality

Startups, institutional investors, Accelerator Blockchain Organizations and ICO advisors have a common problem, and that is, how to connect together without making a mistake and this is getting harder with the current situation: Nearly Half of 2017’s Cryptocurrency ‘ICO’ Projects Have Already Died 46% of Last Year’s ICOs Have Failed Already A few people really […]

JOURNAL DU TOKEN vu par le Canada francophone

Une bonne nouvelle pour la communauté francophone de la Blockchain, un nouveau site internet JOURNAL DU TOKEN qui génère déjà une traction depuis janvier 2018. Et pour cause, il vient renforcer la qualité d’information qui en a bien besoin du monde des ICOs. Une équipe expérimentée, sérieuse issue de la finance pour traiter, analyser et […]

Get investors for your ICO – A profitable recipe

81% of ICOs are scams, according to March 948 States Group study who is the first ICO Advisory Group. Only 1.6 percent of them have a future. “We found that approximately 81% of ICO’s were scams, ~6% failed, ~5% had gone dead, and ~8% went on to trade on the exchange,” researchers Sherwin Dowlat and […]

The Four Essential Elements of the Smart City Revolution

Canada is moving forward with great initiatives to support the smart cities development as the government well understood it is a technology race that will promote the country’s image and create opportunities to sell and promote our technologies abroad. What amaze me is the social and community dimension of this revolution as a citizen, way […]