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We select and support promising startups to raise funds AND we connect founders with interested investors!

Private network
Connect with +2500 accredited investors

Seed – Series A – Series B

Capacity from 1M$ to 40M$

From $250k to $5M

From $5M to $25M

From $1M to $20M

From $25k to $2.5M

From $25k to $500k

We are actively investing

SEED: $50,000 - $1,500,000

SERIES A: $2,00,000 - $5,000,000

SERIES B: $5,000,000 - $10,000,000

What We Are Looking For:

Credible Business Plan

  • A launched product with at least 12 months of data. Product validated by customers.
  • A well-rounded technology and business team.
  • Half of your round committed (i.e. if you are raising $1m you have $500k+ in commitments already}.

Team / Structure

  • A launched product with at least 12 months of data.
  • A strong team with experience in the domain.
  • KYC checked and legal entity.
  • Passion and commitment.


  • Clear deck with all the data required.
  • Pitch and communication plan ready.

Strong Go To Market

  • 6-months of growing at least 10%+ month-over-month
  • 18-months+ Runway. You have a clearly defined plan to deploy the capital from this round over at least 18 months. i.e. if your burn rate is $50,000 a month, you are raising at least $900,000 in this round, giving you 18 months of “runway.”
  • We focus on business that are growing 10%, 15%, 20% month over month that have a product in market and they are doing between 50,000$ and 250,000$ a month in revenue.

Investor Traction

  • Half of your round committed (i.e. if you are raising $1m you have $500k+ in commitments already).
  • Our Syndicate can participate in later rounds, for example, a SERIES A or SERIES B financings, if it’s with a known lead investor.

Need a little push?

🔶 Communication Strategy

  • Review your business presentation for partners, customers, and investors
  • Action plan covering 1.5 weeks

🔶 Investor Materials

  • Story Telling
  • Investor Deck 
  • 5 mins video
  • 1 mns pitch presentation

🔶 Investor Relation

  • Negotiation of funding terms, structuring of funding vehicle,
  • Signature of LOI or MoU or Terms Sheet,
  • Financing Agreement and validation of funds release schedule.

If you can shortcut the process by avoiding making mistakes, the better! BC Impact has been supporting startups over 4 years and we noticed many repetitive pitfalls that are costly to businesses..

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Digital Marketing

Customer Acquisition

How To Become A Portfolio Company

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We are here to help. We developed package based on different types of supports. Our formula came from +20 years operational talent management experience in corporations, MSE and Startups.