Economic crisis and CODIV-19 put startups in difficult situation

We created

Fund Racing Formula

Intelligent Webinar

To sell your project


Assessment, selection and, preparation


Meet +6 qualified, and active investors


Acces to our global channel and network

Meet qualified investors within


Budget limited

Too many projects experienced access to investors with no guarantee of success as they do not reach qualified investors.

Tight schedule

They need to raise as soon as possible to reach to go to market or finalize their product. Time is always against founders. They can't wait 6 months or more.

No intern expertise

They do not have to hire someone for a specific activity not related to their core business. Getting access to expert guarantee result and reduce cost.

No efficient network

Investment banking and private investors are difficult to reach and understand. It is really difficult to segment the qualified investors.

Getting the final "YES" from investors is a dreaded long process

If you can shortcut the process by avoiding making mistakes, the better! BC Impact has been supporting startups over 3 years and we noticed many repetitive pitfalls that are costly to businesses..




  • Hire a costly outsource with no solid workmanship to find investors,
  • Think that IEO by itself guarantees a fundraising success
  • Deal with investors on your own with lack of experience and preparation,
  • Buy an investors list and then realized more than half has incorrect info and irrelevant contacts,
  • Mismatched businesses with uninterested investors,
  • No budget allocation for investor outreach,
  • Being bullish with partners and investors,
  • Low-quality presentation and poor preparation to pitch,
  • Attending summits/conferences with no tangible result,
  • Lack of marketing efforts and ill budget planning failed to convince prospects, 
  • Startups think they are “unique” or overconfident.

Fund Racing Formula is made for founders who want to:

Lower research and service fees

Let's face it, you can't avoid to pay a service of quality and expertise, but you can reduce the cost and get results.

Get results in 4 weeks

By outsourcing, projects can raise as soon as possible to deliver and reach the market they targeted. Time is always against founders.

Pay a fair amount

Typical VC Broker dealer costs up to $30,000/m. Investor liaison manager costs up to $10,000/m. Our fixed price is ONLY up to $8000!

Access to untapped network

Projects have access to our exclusive investors' network and more specifically China, SE Asia! Our local partners will help us to present your project.

Avoid scams

Project will avoid the frustration and negative impact on their business. LinkedIn is full of fake profile and the attacks increased during the CODIV-19.

Meet the right investors

Investment banking and private investors are difficult to reach and understand. It is really difficult to segment the qualified investors.

Get a winning pitch

It is rare to see an investor deck optimized. We review and optimized your document to make it the most attractive based on our investors' criteria.

Get our 1 pager flashcard

We know what the investors want and how to present them to put you on the first pack of the list. All is about structure, numbers...

We are Savvy Entrepreneurs and Experts
with Record Proven Expertise

  • 3+ years of experience with investors,
  • Partners with Crypto Funds, Family Office and Accelerators.
  • Capacity to understand your business and quickly identify the weakness to create a seamless experience with investors,
  • Professional business acumen perspective and a sense of excellence to optimize and clarify your deck,
  • Communication and mentor professionals to help you sell your business in a 5 min pitch,
  • Focus on quality foremost, not in quantity! We target our reach that only has an interest in your business industry!

Hugo Jacques
CEO - BC Impact


M$ RAISED IN Crypto Market

We help you thrive in difficult times. Our portfolio covers Casino Sport Betting, E-Gaming, Supply Chain, Ed-Tech, Exchange Platform, Health Care, DeFi Apps…



Single and Multiple Family Offices, Crypto Hedge Funds, VCs, Equity Capital, FI, Business Investors in China, Japan, South East Asia, Europe and North America



From May 10 to June 10, 2020


Meet Qualified Investors
$ 1500
Up front + 5% of Amount Raised
  • Investor Segmentation
  • FlashCard
  • Meet +6 qualified investors in our webinar
  • Deal Support
  • 2 months in our investor channel (Mailing)
  • 2 months in our portfolio
One Shot


Get in the Investor Zone
$ 4000
Up front + 5% of Amount Raised
  • Investor Segmentation
  • FlashCard
  • Meet +6 qualified investors in our webinar
  • Deal Support
  • Investor Deck Review
  • 5 mins slides preparation
  • 5 mins pitch preparation
  • Coaching Sessions
  • 4 months in our investor channel (mailing)
  • 4 months in our portfolio

Full Package

Get in the Investor Zone
$ 6000
Up front + 5% of Amount Raised
  • Investor Segmentation
  • FlashCard
  • Meet +6 qualified investors
  • Deal Support
  • Investor Deck Review
  • 5 mins slides preparation
  • 5 mins pitch preparation
  • Coaching Sessions
  • 6 months in our investor channel (mailing)
  • 6 months in our portfolio
  • 5/7 mail support
Full Support

What we guarantee

  • FREE submission to our first level of network to confirm our investor interest
  • FREE evaluation of your document
  • Your investment document optimized to sell your company Anywhere
  • Pitch like pro anticipating probable investor objections from our experience and network
  • Marketing Consulting for document analysis
  • Meet a minimum of 6 qualified, active and accredited investors and 1:1 meeting
  • Get the best way to sell your company from experts
  • A 1 page Flashcard document to support investors analysis
  • Full visibility in our investor network with our portfolio and network connection and active webmarketing!


1/ We do our pre-selection and due diligence based on our investors’ network requirement
2/ Research and Segmentation in our first level of investors’ network(this step is triggered if you are selected).
3/ Identification and confirmation of qualified investors for your project. 
1/ Get ready with your 5 mins pitch,
2/ Optimize your deck,
3/ Create you 5 mins pitch slides,
4 / Create the FlashCard document,
5/ Get coached. 
1/ Webinar with panel discussion of investors
2/ 5 minutes pitch
3/ Q&A
4/Investors’ feedback
5 1:1 offline meeting to schedule
During 1 month
1/ You will reach our media partner channels.
2/ Get noticed in the most effective areas: China, SE Asia,
3/ Your document is put in our media channels.
We support you along the way to make sure you have:
– Simple contract terms
– Clear and fair deals


You will find all the data you need for the RACE FUNDING PROGRAM. You can also register to receive free contents, market analysis and other offers from our services.

  • Strong and clear value proposition
  • MVP
  • Professional Team, willing to thrive, adapt and execute.
  • Go2M Plan
  • Financial Projections
  • Market Analysis

You sign the contract to get at least, visibility, credibility, investor reach, qualified investor meeting:

  • You are aligned with our investor’s requirements
  • We are sure to get a minimum of 6 investors (truly investing) who want to meet you.
  • At the signature of the contract you will pay the upfront fee for the all services and % of commission for the fund raised

Please send the link of your shared documents, this will avoid bounced emails. We need:

  • Investor Deck 
  • Executive Summary
  • Website
  • A link to your MVP
  • Financial Projections

We do not write your document. At this stage we expect an existing version that will help us to get the whole picture of your business and ask you with strategic questions as a first step.

We will advise, recommend and guide you with iterations until reaching a clear, concise document to Pitch for 5 minutes.

Note: All our customers who went through this workshop realized hpw powerful it is for the marketing and communication strategy.

Contact us!

We are here to help. We developed package based on different types of supports. Our formula came from +20 years operational talent management experience in corporations, MSE and Startups.