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Business Growth

Market Analyst - Positioning - Marketing - Go2M - Partnership

Marketing & Growth Evangelist

I bring 20 years of CEO experience, executive consulting, board advisory and, a proven track record for leading, operating and growing technically complex businesses.

I have a passion to develop business through technology. I helped startups to improve their positioning, marketing, Go2M to face the competition and increase leads.


Crypto Analyst - International network - IR - Exchange Listing


I have been mentoring and coaching startups in Blockchain for four years and counting. I work closely with investors as partners and help organizations raise funds through my creation of the Business Investment Channel (BCImpact) for founders and investors, as well as a YouTube channel for other investors and entrepreneurs to get the latest updates and tips.

Writer - Speaker

Blockchain. News - CIT - Hackernoon - ART + Marketing - Irish Tech News - LATOKEN

Speaker and Contributor

I participated in numerous conferences globally as a speaker and also a contributor to crypto news and financial business websites such as Blockchain news, Business Investment Times, Hackernoon, etc. I like to share my time and a willingness to help.


Where I Can Help

Positioning and Strategy

Create a business strategy to optimize your go to market.

Marketing Strategy

Identify the right activities, services to plan at the lowest cost.

Social Media Marketing

Linkedin, Twitter, Intagram, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube.

Community Management

Enhance your community, reward your fans. leverage your users experience.

Top Press Release

Strategy and budgeting. Access to top PRs  (CCN, The Block..)

Exchanges Platform

Connect with major exchange platform with a listing strategy.

Result Oriented To Impact The P/L

I support the operation to optimize the processes, user experience, and costs. All is about human!

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Gain in Performance
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Lead Generation

Increase your leads and reduce your customer acquisition! All is about positioning, market, story telling before any marketing execution.

Use Cases

Performance and Delivery

STUDYUM, optimized its business strategy, MVP delivery.

Digital Business Transformation

Industial Alliance, Digital modernization (Product, DevOps, Operation)

Initial Coin Offering

Terra Green raised +2M$ in ICO with my marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Operation

TC Media, stabilized its portfolio (Cost: -30%; Perf +25%).

Initial Coin Offering

Bibook, raised +45M with my marketing support.

IR and Fund Raising

Nodle got better materials and IR support.

Customers Reviews

Discover my articles

Cryto-currency / NEWS ANALYSIS  /  Blockchain  /  ICO & IEO Marketing  / Business Development / DIGITAL MODERNIZATION

Website news, PR agencies, Associations, Foundations, exchange listing.

For any inquiries, service, conference, contributor

Send me an email at contact@bcimpact.com.

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