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Fit Match

The 3D-AI match platform predicts future of shopping!

The integrated online-offline 3D-AI powered Apparel Shopping Match Platform that eliminates fit risk across the entire shopping journey.

Our proprietary technology called FITCH, proactively matches shoppers with the apparel products that fit them 90% of better, and hides the ones that don’t.

  We are solving the annual $100B returns headache absorbed by brands today.

$1,500,000 already raised with angel investors.


We are currently raising 1$M as a seed prior to our series A (Q1 2021)

Bookfield Properties (NYSE:BAM), one of the largest asset managers in the world, committing real estate caputal to support rollout. Additonal commitments from Macerich (NYSE: MAC)

SAFE note with caluation cap


Software development

Local an digital marketing

FIT:MATCH Studio hires

Corporate hires

Business Development


Blockchain-based deals platform to boost and support local economy.

Already 2,000,000 views since 11/2019 without marketing campaign. 135,000 subscribers!

👉👉 English Deck Version

In the midst of the digital transformation and following the financial crisis affecting many homes and businesses, it is our duty to support the recovery of the local economy through digital technology. To achieve this, we have developed a solution to bring together and promote on a single platform: all types of local and tourist activities, discounts and cashback accompanied by a decentralized token acting as local currency.

€ 60.000 of successful pre-sale in cryptography without advertising

€ 150,000 invested + 6.5 years of research and development

Equity or token sell


Bring BITCOIN adoption and DeFi to Billion of users.

A cards & digital wallet gives people the financial freedom Bitcoin has brought to the World. The product is ready for Go2M. The test is complete, and traction is coming thanks to partners and a big existing community.

$380,000 already raised  Link 

Shares can be paid in FIAT or BTC



Hardware Wallet for all DeApps and Blockhain Solutions

Problem: Most of the stolen crypto was insecurely stored (USD +1.2 billion lost) + existing hardware wallets are limited to tech-savvys (not user-friendly) and they are not standalone (impossible to use on the go)

Solution: top-tier blockchain hardware wallet for all Dapps and blockchain solutions combining cold wallet with secure internet and blockchain access in one portable device.

Absolute security of private keys, patented security technology, standalone (use on the go), ease of use, non=crypto blockchain solutions, open to dapps marketplace, Direct STO investment, multisignature

$586,000 already raised in pre seed 

Shares can be paid in FIAT or BT

$165,000 already raised in seed

Public Funding: Applying for EU-funded research & Development equity=free grant in the amount of approx $5,000000 (Planned for sept 2020)


Flexible fleets at your finger-tips. book a truck driver on-demand.

Transportation logistics. Flexible fleets at your finger-tips; book a truck driver on-demand. Good potential with revenue already generated covering a small area in the US. Their traction and investor recognition is increasing considerably.

$1,200,000 already raised

+$795k : QUAKE, HUSTLE FUND, CHAMPION HILL LABS, Arlan Was Here, Chamillionaire, Hatcher+ +$419k:  REPUBLIC Crowd Funding plarform 

Revenue: Since Jan 2019, $1.22 M

Objective: increase the revenue to $15M in 24 months. $50k non dilutive capital: General Catalyst, Khosla Venture2


One wallet, many possibilities without a bank and credit card.

Make purchase with your mobile phone, earn cash back, rewards and exchange or spend money instantly without the need of a bank account or a credit card.

$1,000,000 already raised

Equity or token sell


Augmented Investment Intelligent Platform: Bringing 80/20 Pareto Principle into investment.

Required capital: $1.6 Million
Agreement: SAFE/Equivalent
Primary requirement: fund 18 months runway
to optional next round.

Required capital: $1.6 Million
Agreement: SAFE/Equivalent
Primary requirement: fund 18 months runway
to optional next round.


Innovative E-Commerce and marketing distribution

Founded in 2017 with a track record in eCommerce. Excellent business relationship with the supplier -2nd biggest in EU. Excellent knowledge of digital marketing and bedding. Innovative products and designs, Dropshipping option, High margins and low development cost

$336,000 already raised

Revenue: 600.000€ revenues in 2019, 600.000€ revenues in 1/2 half of 2020.

Need investment to scale faster on EU markets. 

Margin: 300%+

Projecting 1.5 mio EUR in revenue in 2020, EBIDTA 20%-25%.


They are raising :  $1.4m for monthly or yearly revenues. Option to do a  50/50 Joint Venture for specific markets for which unique brands are created, with defined exit strategy.

Type of funding: Seeking funds in terms of loan financing, which is secured with equity (convertible loan) or stock and term life insurance.

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