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A secure Trillions of object interactions and microtransactions,
The competitor of HELIUM (NHT) with better value.

IoT, Blockchain | Product| B2B | US : IoT Connectivity & Ecology powered by people!

The Helium competitor and the fastest growing wireless networks with +20 million monthly active smartphone users, and +5 million daily nodes in more than 100 countries!

Already raised + 25,000,000$ in Token Sale! Listing in Dec 2021. Institution investor token private sale is now running (except for US buyer)

How would you like to be a partner/private investor in the blockchain internet of things (IoT) startup with unlimited potential?  The founders of this startup are well known in the tech space (I’m sure you’ve heard of Skype). The CEO built the first telco to enable communications for Skype Out, founded Open Garden, and received $34B funding for the launch of Fire Chat App which became the top 10 app in 124 countries! The co-founder, Garret Kinsman, co-founded Ola Lab that led to $1.2B funding from Softbank and Tencent. Let me tell you a little bit about what we do! Nodle is a connectivity provider for IoT. The company has built a robust Bluetooth Low Energy-powered network to help companies and cities connect and collect data from their devices, sensors, and tags. Nodle uses millions of smartphones to connect billions of things! 


Manufacturers and operator of electric devices can utilize the Nodle network to collect viable data and connect their remote devices to the internet, and many are benefiting from it today. The Nodle network is currently being used by Fortune 500 companies to locate their assets all over the US. The range of applications in asset tracking can go from consumer tracking devices to Bluetooth tags that can locate pallets, goods, vehicles, and parcels. Micromobility companies in the bike or scooter sharing industry also have the potential to utilize the network to improve their location tracking capabilities. Nodle provides services over their network via smart assets, contact tracing, IoT certificates, etc. Enterprises will pay for the use of the Nodle network and Apps. The possibilities for the Nodle network are limitless! 


(The Big Win)

Nodle’s innovative solution enables any individuals to participate in the Nodle netwok and in exchange to be rewarded through Nodle cash. Until now, the main traction requires app developers, today, any individual can mine on their smartphone with the Nodle mobile application. This innovation easily enables the expansion and adoption of the Nodle cryptocurrency to whole other level!

Nodle is the Helium competitor and it is one of the fastest growing wireless networks with 20+ million monthly active smartphone users, and 5+ million daily nodes in more than 100 countries! 

They already raised more than 20 millions in token sale (Blockchain, BLOCKHEAD CAPITAL, BLOCKCHANGE, BOOTSTRAP LABS..) . As an early investor, you have the advantage to invest in undervalue tokens before it hits the market (Q4).

👉 Please click here to get the Deck view (complete financial/white paper/use cases)


Please let me know when you want to jump on a call with the founder & CEO, Micha Benoliel, to discuss this potential. 

PRIVATE SALE : $100,000,000 for institutions


Hardware Wallet for all DeApps and Blockhain Solutions!

DeepTech Crypto| Subscription | B2B/C | Switzerland

Raised: + 6,000,000$

$586,000 already raised in pre seed 

Shares can be paid in FIAT or BT

$165,000 already raised in seed

Public Funding: Applying for EU-funded research & Development equity=free grant in the amount of approx $5,000000 (Planned for sept 2020)


Deals platform to boost and support local economy.

Decentralized Market Place | Subscription | B2B/C | FRANCE

€ 60.000 of successful pre-sale in cryptography without advertising

€ 150,000 invested + 6.5 years of research and development

Equity or token sell


E-Commerce - Home Bedding - Children's Accessories.

E-Commerce| Subscription | B2C | Switzerland

$1.500,000 already raised

Revenue: 600.000€ revenues in 2019, 1,9000.000€ revenue in 2020.

Need investment to scale faster on EU markets. 

Margin: 300%+

Projecting 1.5 mio EUR in revenue in 2020, EBIDTA 20%-25%.

They are raising :  $1.4m for monthly or yearly revenues. Option to do a  50/50 Joint Venture for specific markets for which unique brands are created, with defined exit strategy.

Type of funding: Seeking funds in terms of loan financing, which is secured with equity (convertible loan) or stock and term life insurance.


One wallet, many possibilities without a bank and credit card.

Defi| Subscription | B2B/C | USA

$1,000,000 already raised

Equity or token sell


Bring BITCOIN adoption and DeFi to Billion of users.

Defi| Fees | B2B/C | HG

$380,000 already raised  Link 

Shares can be paid in FIAT or BTC


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