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AI/IoT Platform to reduce 40 % of the water consumption!

IoT water waste management| Subscription | B2B/C | Ireland

Nodle M1

A secure Trillions of object interactions and microtransactions,
The competitor of HELIUM (NHT) with better value.

IoT, Blockchain | Product| B2B | US

Raised: + 16,000,000$

This company is between the Seed and the Series A.

The goal is to support the  Go2M for the smart asset (locating system for logistic, and installations. Already on market and revenue ramp-up) and for the Nodle M1. +20M$ revenue forecasted for 2021!

Nodle is selected by the 5G Open Innovation Lab (5G OI Lab), a startup program funded by T-Mobile, Intel, and NASA!


Possibility to buy utility token in a couple of weeks.

The next step is a Series A for Q2 / Q3 2021.


Hardware Wallet for all DeApps and Blockhain Solutions!

DeepTech Crypto| Subscription | B2B/C | Switzerland

Raised: + 6,000,000$

$586,000 already raised in pre seed 

Shares can be paid in FIAT or BT

$165,000 already raised in seed

Public Funding: Applying for EU-funded research & Development equity=free grant in the amount of approx $5,000000 (Planned for sept 2020)


Deals platform to boost and support local economy.

Decentralized Market Place | Subscription | B2B/C | FRANCE

€ 60.000 of successful pre-sale in cryptography without advertising

€ 150,000 invested + 6.5 years of research and development

Equity or token sell


E-Commerce - Home Bedding - Children's Accessories.

E-Commerce| Subscription | B2C | Switzerland

$1.500,000 already raised

Revenue: 600.000€ revenues in 2019, 1,9000.000€ revenue in 2020.

Need investment to scale faster on EU markets. 

Margin: 300%+

Projecting 1.5 mio EUR in revenue in 2020, EBIDTA 20%-25%.

They are raising :  $1.4m for monthly or yearly revenues. Option to do a  50/50 Joint Venture for specific markets for which unique brands are created, with defined exit strategy.

Type of funding: Seeking funds in terms of loan financing, which is secured with equity (convertible loan) or stock and term life insurance.


One wallet, many possibilities without a bank and credit card.

Defi| Subscription | B2B/C | USA

$1,000,000 already raised

Equity or token sell


Bring BITCOIN adoption and DeFi to Billion of users.

Defi| Fees | B2B/C | HG

$380,000 already raised  Link 

Shares can be paid in FIAT or BTC


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