A group of experts and advisors to help organizations to compete with Digital Age!

Digital experts supporting Banking, Insurances, Financials services to drive digital strategy and business objectives to execution.

A Fintech Startup advisors that partners with innovative projects in Fintech, Blockchain, IoT, Gaming.

For Banking, Financial Services, & Insurance

Compete with the Age of Digital Platform and Mobility. Redefine a way to engage new consumers

Digital for Executives

Align Sales, Marketing, Product, Operation
Build a Top to Down awareness
Digital Framework Structure

Product Management

Reassess your value chain
Digital Product Roadmap/Positioning
Redefine a way to engage new customers

Digital Program Execution

reduce your cost execution
Control your DevOps Velocity
Optimize your operation transition

Operating Model

Digital Model Framework
Business Capability
Structure a flexible service and improve quality

BC Impact advises and partners with innovative and disruptive projects.

We believe that digital technology and decentralization will disrupt finance, internet, our economy, and how we can resolve major challenges our world has to address.

Hugo Jacques

Hugo founded BC Impact to partner with major entrepreneurs and ventures that bring strong value proposition and positive impacts to our economy and planet.

For Startups

We invest, support a long the way disruptive startups in Defi, IoT, Web3, GameFi...

Advisory Board

Product Positioning Marketing Strategy Business Operation Token Strategy

Startup investment

Investor Materials Investor Relation Advisory Private Token Sale Token Listing - ICO - IEO - IDO

Project Management

Crypto Project delivery Token Governance Token Sale, Listing

Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain Strategy
Integration on existing business
Token Economy, Governance
Token Sale, listing.

We help Founders build decentralized solution to the economy

We are advising founders in their major challenges of growth and token sales.

The Nodle network is a decentralized wireless network, focused on connecting IoT devices globally. The core infrastructure is the Nodle Blockchain, built on Polkadot’s Parity Substrate technologies. Users download and setup the app in less than 90 seconds and are rewarded while securely connecting devices.