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“Off The Record” Reasons and Tips to invest in cryptocurrency


The first part of this article will cover the fear you have to deal with the so-called dirty crypto world, the second part will focus on tactics and strategy to use to begin step by step in crypto trading.

Before any development, let’s summarize the true situation of the market.

A Halloween crypto landscape Market

If we see the trend, cryptocurrency market is down (even freezes during winter time) and so far, the blockchain based project launched too many ICOs that disappointed users by failing to offer real products at their conclusion.

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Rules of the game on the ICO market changes every month. And the latest statistics of ICO projects says that many are not familiar with them. At the beginning of 2018, 44% of companies failed, never reaching a Soft Cap (source bitrates news)

Chart: Dynamics of ICO success in fundraising. Source: blog.suicide.venture

  • “Soft cap” is the minimum amount required by a project.
  • “Target” is the funding goal as stated by a project’s team.
  • If a target is not stated, then we use a “hard cap”, which is the maximum amount a project hopes to achieve or the technical limitations of the crowd sale.

ICOs cumulatively raised $300 million in September 2018, a huge difference with the $2.4 billion recorded in January 2018. Read More in the techbullion website.

As Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin said:

“There are also not good enough incentives for people to produce information to help people determine which projects are worth participating in. I think in the medium term, getting funds with ICOs will get harder, regardless of whether or not regulation is implemented.”

This, for investors, is really good news! Less ICOs but with better projects, regulations, and higher quality investments.

So, what does it mean for a non-geek, newcomer if you want to jump into the Crypto world?

Fear, you will have

Let’s talk about why most people are hesitating to invest in cryptocurrencies. Let’s be clear, most of the time it’s seen as the dark side of finance- scams, negative reputation, and volatility equals risk.

In a few bullet points, here are some obstacles that put frictions in your decisions to get into the crypto world:

►In some countries like China, it is simply banned

►Financial Regulations (such as Security Exchange Commission) is putting a huge pressure to try to implement rules (but it will take time)

►People have limited financial investment education

►Your friends lost a lot of money (including me)

►Technology is too new and still difficult to understand

►It is difficult to understand the blockchain project concept

►Tax rules (government will request a cut of the profit, even if the rules have yet to be clarified in black and white).

All these points are obviously good reasons for not wasting time and money on crypto investing as it appears eerily similar to the “dot-com bubble”. At times it even seems like a crisis is peering around the corner! However, even with the dot-com crash, there were still some companies that were worth to invest in (the right ones invested at that time are worth millions now) but I won’t mention any specifics here. It was the right time because when the bubble crashed shares got really cheap! The bubble is just a high speculation creating a global crash but that does not mean that all companies are worthless. As some investment gurus would agree, take the opportunity to analyze companies that will survive because of their strong business concept and high potential ROI value. With this method, some people became really rich!

So based on that when should you invest in the crypto world? The answer is simple and similar to traditional trading:

As Soon As Possible.

For many reasons,

✅ This is the winter period for blockchain: ICO had many bad results, investors lost their money, start-ups failed to deliver what they promised (at least 80%). Crypto value is down, therefore, it’s cheap to acquire.

✅ The competition level is not high, only from the technology perspective;

✅ The big institutions did not take the power of the market yet;

✅ You can get high returns on this market if you manage wisely your portfolio;

✅ Blockchain awareness is increasing, so people will buy more based on logical reason than trying to make a quick win without understanding the technology behind. It’s the best time to kill bad speculation.

✅ Technology is more and more recognized. We are not talking about the ban but regulation and application for a big project in the supply chain, food chain, bank system., etc. Look at Ripple with already 40 institutions using the platform. I bet the bank will find a way to save millions of dollars in operation transaction costs.

Now, you make your decision to invest, here are the “Hush Hush pieces of advice” to help you.

Read articles in crypto news websites and make contact with experts (consultant) that will help you in your investment strategy. It takes time to connect with the right person to get the right information amongst a plethora of advisors. You have a risk to pay for the information or analysis but nothing is free and you should take it as a training/investment to avoid you to lose.

What you can do as base to invest:

? Buy some bitcoins: It is still the reference today like the gold. This a HOLD Position.

? Invest in the top 10 of crypto that deployed solutions and has a volume of transaction. In another word, the top of the capmarket. Select your leaders 3 to 4 and one of them (or more) will compensate for the loss of the others. In this case, you won’t be trapped on an unpredictable event on a specific coin. And believe me, a lot of bad stuff can come up around here, from manipulation of syndicates, regulations, false information spread in the network via some crypto web news (even without their control).

? Be the “Wolf of Your Street”. Assess the market with good information (that’s the challenge) and good contact. Your goal is to predict the best point of entering the market, predict when coin prices will start to fall and close your position.

? Patience and experience are key with a strong emotional intelligence. No panic is allowed!

? Mining is not something I recommend today as new technologies are coming to transform the activity and the industry is now managed by big unit plants.

? Invest in ICO: My favourite subject and I would say the riskier. Do your due diligence before any investment. Use some ICO listing website giving rates and calendar. Develop and expertise by looking at what happened on Startup versus their initial rating. Don’t scan all the new ICO, it’s impossible! Select the niche you like and that you know well, request expert support in the domain (reports from recognized experts)

? Option: you can use ICO Mutual funds. They are specialist in Startup and select the right gold mine to invest for you in exchange for a fee or % interest.

Because tactics are nothing without strategy, here’s my “hush hush strategy”!

? Mix the tactics above and start step by step. Diversification is the key to multiply the chance to get profit.

? Use the second market is to sell your service for those who are actors of the blockchain, you can supply mining equipment, funds, information.

? Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

? Give yourself % of capital every month to invest in this activity.

? If you enter one trade, take no more than 10% of the risk.

? Keep 30% of cash in your account. Reserved to buy newcomers ICO, altcoins…

? Prepare an exit plan before entering point

? Use two top exchange platform to reduce the risk of hacking

? For long-term investment (HODL) use a hard wallet

? Do not trade all day long. Check twice a day max. You have a life and health

? Have your opinion supported by an expert but do not listen to the crowd and noise

? Don’t wait for the price to grow

? Track the trading volume of crypto capitalization

Last words,

As this could be time-consuming, I suggest you to:

➡️ Implement an automatic process as soon as you can and be disciplined to avoid getting addicted 24hours a day.

➡️ Stay zen and intelligent. Protect your life, health and family

➡️ Invest only what you are ready to lose. Take it as a game with a good chance to get a second revenue.

➡️ Take courses or get expert support to manage and master data and statistic.

If you want high profit, you will take a high risk (no pain, no gain). Avoid greediness, always keep in mind the market depth (If you see a lot of sellers and few buyers, you can buy at an interesting price but fail to sell it after), don’t change strategy at every turn, take your profits and keep your objectives in mind.

Keep in mind a lot of subjects (specific techniques) are not covered in this article as the objective is to give you an awareness of this opportunity.

Enjoy your trading experience wisely.

Best, Hush Hush.

(Disclaimer: All views expressed in this article are the solely personal point of view by the author and is not, by any means giving financial advice nor am I a financial advisor).


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